Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

  1. Two weekends ago I did the MoonWalk, a walking half-marathon (+ 2 miles, so it was actually 15 miles) through central London at night, to raise money for breast cancer research. Standing on Chelsea Bridge watching the sun rise over the river ranks high on my list of Best London Moments To Date.
  2. My friend Ella is back in town! I had two lovely lunches with her last week (one also included our friend Lydia). Reconnecting with old friends is so comforting, and comfortable.
  3. Han Kang and Deborah Smith won the Man Booker International Prize for The Vegetarian, which is just great news. The Vegetarian is a terrific book—disturbing, memorable, elegant—and Han Kang is a thoughtful, compassionate author. Deborah Smith, her translator, is only twenty-eight, and is super cool: she runs a small press called Tilted Axis. I saw both of them speak at Foyles last winter, about the second of Han’s novels to be published in English, Human Acts. They are a brilliant team.
  4. After languishing unused for nearly a year, my Cupcake face mask from Lush finally got used for the first time last week. It’s chocolate-scented, with peppermint oils, so I smell a bit like an After Eight, but my GOD does it ever make my skin soft and clear. I’ve always been a little skeptical about Lush: no longer.
  5. The dress I ordered for this August wedding arrived, and it was MADE OF VELVET AND POLYESTER. I was expecting the polyester bit (all clothing has a little bit of it these days) but the velvet, not so much. The very idea of wearing it in August made me feel sticky. (Plus, in that fabric, the pattern made me look like a cheaply upholstered sofa.) So back it goes, and in a fit of hopefulness I’ve ordered this from House of Fraser instead (I reckon I can dress it up with jewelery and wedges): dress
  6. UPDATE: The above dress arrived last night. Turns out I ordered it a size too big (…yay?), and it’s so thin you can see my pants through it. So fuck that. I’m now thinking I’ll just wear a dress I already own (purple, from French Connection, smart but not excessive) and get some wedges from New Look or something.
  7. I bought a ticket to Emerald Street Literary Festival, which is on 11 June. I am not a lit fest person (I don’t really care about authors, honestly; I’d rather read what they’ve written than listen to them talk), but I’m genuinely excited about this one. The three sessions I’ve signed up for are a panel on the pros and cons of EU membership for UK women; a chat with Sarah Perry (actually thrilled for this) and a chat with Maggie O’Farrell (which should spur me to read one of her books.)

18 thoughts on “Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

  1. Well done on the Moon Walk – I did it a few years back in Edinburgh and it certainly was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! (Although I could barely walk to the loo afterwards).

  2. Moon Walk sounds brilliant.

    Such a shame about the yellow dress because the pic looks gorgeous… Whenever I’m stressing over what to wear to a wedding I remind myself that no one will be interested in what I’m wearing!

    1. Very very good point… I just don’t want to wear something outrageously wrong! The yellow dress was lovely – just definitely the wrong size and I’d have had to plan my underwear very carefully… not worth it.

    1. It was great, but god it hurt. On the upside: I’ve always liked coming home really early in the morning, but my clubbing days are basically over, so it was nice to have that experience again of being up and awake at 5:30 a.m. with the whole world hushed around you.

  3. When I saw moonwalk I thought you might be getting your Michael Jackson on! 🙂 Sound like a great charity walk. Your dress saga reminds me why I don’t buy clothes online no matter how cute they look in the pictures.

    1. I thought I had learned my lesson when I ordered a dress online *years* ago and it arrived with gaping space between the shoulder and the arm. I felt more optimistic this time around, but that was obviously foolish.

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