Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts



  1. Turnips came in our veg box last week. In, I guess, an effort to get them out of the way, we ate them first, roasted with cumin and chilli seeds flicked onto them halfway through the cooking process. They were, impossibly, horrid. How can something still taste bitter and thick after you’ve roasted it for forty minutes with cumin and chilli seeds? They were just not nice. We had them with lovely pork and apple sausages, which eased the sting a little, but only a little.
  2. Follow Nigel Slater on Instagram. Mostly for the recipes, but also for the crockery.
  3. I would like a holiday. I have almost certainly left it too late to book a holiday. I really thought this year would be the year. The cycle continues.
  4. The Chaos’s ma introduced me to 90% dark chocolate over the bank holiday weekend. It feels like the confectionery version of absinthe: too good to be true. Alternate bites of the chocolate with bites of crystallised stem ginger; feel like a Byzantine empress.
  5. Much of this post seems to be food-related. Make of it what you will.
  6. Is television worth watching anymore? We don’t have an actual TV; nor do we possess a Netflix, Amazon Prime, LoveFilm, or Hulu subscription. I don’t really miss it, but now I find out that iPlayer is about to cost money, too, and I do like watching Have I Got News For You on Wednesday nights when the Chaos is out. Should I be arsed to pay a £10/monthly Netflix charge, or whatever it is?
  7. Last week my singing teacher stopped me in the middle of a lesson and told me to go home. He was incredibly nice about it–it wasn’t like “You’re shit, go away”–it was more like “Hey, you seem to have had a pretty rough time recently and I can hear it in your voice, so why don’t you go recuperate?” He actually told me to get a hug from the Chaos and have a few beers, which was sweet. But it was alarming to realize that being upset can manifest itself so physically. Like, I think that’s something we all think we know, but this really brought it home. He had no idea what had happened this month re: family and work until I told him, but he could hear it.
  8. 20 Books of Summer, I’m comin’ for you.

10 thoughts on “Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

  1. I want to love turnips (my husband likes them mashed with lots of butter), but I just . . . don’t. I guess they’re innocuous in a stew, but that’s much too heavy for summer weather, of course.

    We don’t have cable but we do have all manner of subscription services; I think I’d just pick Netflix if I were starting from scratch.

    I’m so sorry to hear that things have been difficult — I hope they’re much better very soon!

    1. Riverford made a great song and dance about how these were “spring turnips” and therefore lovely and delicious. I think lots of butter would have been the only possible way forward. At least now I know!

  2. I once spent 40 of my 45 minutes with Giles discussing me being an introvert. He could sense it from my reluctance to project myself and could tell I loved choral singing much more than I will ever enjoy solo work. He was right, of course, but I was shocked that he’d read so much into me from a few shoddy attempts at Schubert song cycles.

    On the holiday front, S and I had the most wonderful ten days on Kefalonia last year which we didn’t book until 9th week. Jump at flights while they’re there; everything else can fall into place afterwards. It’s always possible!

    1. ❤ Thanks for the holiday encouragement! I'm just so scared of being responsible for everything… And that chat you had with Giles is really interesting–just confirms that making art reveals who you are…

  3. I have been wanting to take a trip to the Northern-most part of the state to visit my youngest son and DIL; they live on the beach. But I am dreading the long drive (10 hours or so!).

    But I sort of told them I would try to come.

    Or I could take the train, which would allow for sitting back and reading. Yeah!

    I don’t like turnips…no way!

    I’m afraid I have all of those services: cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus…and I didn’t plan on all that happening. In fact, I signed up for Netflix with the goal of cancelling all the other TV services, but those folks gave me lots of specials to stay on it. Evil creatures! LOL.


    1. Take the train! I know Amtrak is ridiculously unreliable and overpriced, but if you hate driving, it’s absolutely the way to go.

  4. Too bad about the turnip troubles. I’ve not had spring ones before, usually have the fall ones that a big and fat and taste good boiled and mashed with garlic. 90% dark chocolate, I love it so, bitter and smooth at the same time, it melts in my mouth. It may be too late to book a big holiday but you could still manage a little one I hope. Take time for yourself. If your stress is coming out in your voice then a holiday is in order as soon as possible!

    1. A little holiday, yes. The Chaos says he wouldn’t be averse to a couple of mini city-breaks. I’d love that. It’s just the planning that frightens me so…I’m not a natural at it!

  5. We don’t have cable or satellite, but we do have Netflix and Hulu, which I personally watch maybe an hour of a week. I miss having access to TV when it comes to events like elections, the Olympics, big sporting events, etc…, though. It’s just not worth the $100 we were paying before!

    1. I know – we barely watch any TV and we’re not sports fans! The one thing I’d probably miss it for is the Olympics, but I suspect I could stream it on iPlayer anyway for a while…

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