Young Writer of the Year Shadow Panel


I’m on it! Hooray!

This is going to be a short and probably flippant post, written at work in between deep-breathing sessions and feeling like my heart is about to leap up through my throat and strangle my brain, a la that terrible poet in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Work is a lot.

Anyway, the announcement embargo has been lifted now, though the shortlist is still under embargo until the 29th because reasons. I can tell you that it’s a diverse and exciting bunch of books in terms of genre and technique, that I haven’t read any of them so far, and that I’m anticipating some great discussions with the other members of the shadow panel.

(They are: Annabel Gaskell of, Rebecca Foster of Bookish Beck, Dane Cobain of Social Bookshelves, and Clare Rowlandson of A Little Blog of Books.)

For more information, plus complete biographies of the shadow panel’s glamorous selves, check out the official website:

And keep your eyes peeled for the shortlist announcement and reviews! This is the prize that recognised Andrew McMillan, Max Porter, Benjamin Wood and Jessie Greengrass, amongst others. (So, you know, all the cool kids are paying attention.)

11 thoughts on “Young Writer of the Year Shadow Panel

    1. Pre-Christmas rush is part of it, but also some major projects dropped on us at last minute, which are taking a lot of people off the floor or requiring a lot of extra time! And a sense of never having the time or space to get a clear run at big tasks. Arrgghh. Thank you for the sympathy – escapism will be great 🙂

      1. We had a few times like that at the library where an enormous reorganization project was undertaken and then left to about three of us peons to clean up. At least you love where you work?

  1. Hooray for you, Eleanor!! By the way, get them to add the accent mark into your wonderful bio! (unless you are dropping it?)

      1. (I’ve always been confused about what pronunciation that accent mark is supposed to suggest in your surname. I only know the French rules. Do you not pronounce it like Jonathan Franzen does?)

      2. AHA. It’s a Swedish name, and the accent mark is meant to produce an “eh” noise (so, FrantsEHN), but the Anglicisation of our name has gotten cocked up somewhere along the line, so my family has always said “FranzEEN” (to rhyme with Halloween). And every other Anglicised Franzen I’ve ever met has dropped the accent and pronounces it a la Jonathan, with emphasis on the first syllable.

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