I’m taking a break

You’ve probably already worked that out, but just in case: I went to Michigan for a week, didn’t think about book recommendations or blogging once, and felt so refreshed that I’m extending it. Check my Twitter feed (or indeed Instagram) for very short posts about books that I physically can’t stop myself from shouting about. Other than that, I’ll be commenting sporadically on all of your brilliant work, and I’ll be back when I feel less knackered.

9 thoughts on “I’m taking a break

  1. We’ll miss you. You could always put together a post that’s literally just a set of screenshots of Tweets and Instagram updates — make it as easy for yourself as possible! Or a recent reading list with a Kirkus-style “Buy it,” “Borrow it,” or “Skip it” bottom line. I know such strategies might run counter to your inclination to dig deep and give a book your full consideration, but they’re ideas for how to keep a hand in.

    • I’m definitely going to be popping in on occasion and I love the screenshot idea! (Like, for instance, I already want all of WordPress to know how great Stephen Markley’s Ohio is…)

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