me on the radio!


On Monday, I had the opportunity to join Antonia Honeywell—my dear friend, and author of The Ship, a haunting novel about a young girl whose flight from a politically unstable England once felt dystopian and now feels, quite frankly, like today’s headline—on Booktime Brunch, her Monday morning radio show. We talked about the surprise Booker Prize result, bookselling as a vocation, the power of narrative to sway lives (not always in a good way), and—yes—my own book! Interspersed with our chat were twelve tracks that I chose and (mostly) explained. Honestly, it’s a really, really good show: we sound like we’re having a great time and we are. Think Desert Island Discs but with more books. You can listen to it here:

7 thoughts on “me on the radio!

  1. I listened to this as background to some work this afternoon. Enjoyed hearing your Booker commentary and a bit more about your novel. And the story about your mum and the love poem cracked me up! I only knew a couple of your songs, the Morissette and Bareilles, but I at least recognized some of the other artist names 😉 I love girl power type stuff. Imogen Heap and Nerina Pallot are two of my faves, do you know them at all?

    1. Hah, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The love poem story is QUITE a story. (I hope my parents aren’t too annoyed with me for telling it…) I’ve heard of Imogen Heap (amazing voice) but Nerina Pallot is new to me; I’ll look her up!

      1. She ranges from pop rock (“Everybody’s Gone to War,” etc.) to sultry, jazzy stuff on her latest album. We’ve seen her live a couple of times and she is as note-perfect in person as she is on record. I think you might like her.

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