In case there was any confusion

Black lives matter.

Trans women are women.

History is constantly being made, not permanently enshrined in statuary.

Everyone has the right to protest injustice.

The canon of literature in English is characterized by the privileging of white, wealthy, cis, usually male, usually straight voices over those of people from historically oppressed or marginalized groups. Everyone working in publishing, bookselling and academia has a moral obligation to decolonize the canon, the curriculum, and their own industries.

I’m not allowed to say this stuff out loud at work, or through professional social media channels, because reasons (involving capitalism and the nature of marketing to our world’s elite). I’m allowed to say it here because it’s my space. These are the politics of Elle Thinks. They are entirely non-negotiable.

9 thoughts on “In case there was any confusion

  1. Awww, bless you! Are you really not allowed to state this publicly? I am beyond caring what people think, but am fortunate that it is highly unlikely it will impact my career.

    • My employer’s stance is that, as a business, we should project “neutrality”. I’m personally of the opinion that neutrality = complicity–failing to make a statement *is* making a statement–but this holds no water with my superiors. They’re happy for me to hold my own opinions, though, and to state them in my own forums. Which I do!

      • (I’m also aware that there are many brave people who have risked or lost their jobs by refusing to accept neutrality from their employers. I think every day about whether I’m prepared to join them, and about where I can do the most good right now.)

    • ❤️ It absolutely enrages me that any of these statements are still seen as controversial. This blog is inclusive or it’s bullshit – and I know how long a way I have to go.

      • It’s so frustrating that any workplace would seek impartiality to the point of staying silent in the face of such obvious prejudice. I’m glad you have this platform to speak your truth freely 💛

      • Plus, since my job is book recommendations, I do have a professional platform to decentralize white, cis, straight narratives in what I choose to read and recommend, and it makes me SO HAPPY.

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