Love Your Library, October 2022

Rebecca at Bookish Beck has been running this monthly meme for years and I’ve started to join in. You can too, using the hashtag #LoveYourLibrary. In October I was absolutely devoted to my local library; it fueled the entirety of my RIP XVII challenge reading. (I summarised part one of this challenge here; I’ll be posting about how I fared during the challenge’s second month very shortly!)


The Dead Secret, by Wilkie Collins

The Dragon’s Path, by Daniel Abraham

Ghost Story, by Peter Straub

Ghost Stories, by EF Benson

The Haunting Season (an anthology with seven different authors and no named editor)


House of Windows, by John Langan


The Galaxy and the Ground Within, by Becky Chambers

The Spider’s War, by Daniel Abraham

Bear Head, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Black Water Sister, by Zen Cho

The House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne (ebook)

Creatures, ed. John Langan (ebook)


The Widow’s House, by Daniel Abraham


The Rift, by Nina Allan—I know I really do have to read her stuff and I’m pretty sure I’ll like her, but I lost focus at the start of this one, so I thought I’d try it again later.


11/22/63, by Stephen King—I’d just read two long (500+-page) books and this one was even bigger and I couldn’t face it. Some other time.


Right now, I’m not reading anything from the library, or anything; I’m between books, having just finished The Haunting Season. I have to add, though, that library use has really helped me both find and follow up on authors. I knew I liked Wilkie Collins but it’s been fantastic to have easy access to so much of his work, especially the more obscure titles (my library has a Project Gutenberg subscription so they’re all accessible as ebooks, and some are available in hard copy). Enjoying Peter Straub last month meant I searched for more of his work and was delighted to find Ghost Story. I got fully hooked on Daniel Abraham after reading The Dragon’s Path and bought two of the intermediate books in the series for cheap through ABE Books, while reserving those volumes the library system does have. It’s just so nice.


3 thoughts on “Love Your Library, October 2022

    1. It’s something I haven’t previously been able to do with quite this level of commitment (I’ve more usually had to leave great gaps of time between installments of favourite authors), so I’m really enjoying it.

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